EAU Facts & Figures

EAU Facts and Figures

The European Association of Urology

The European Association of Urology is an organisation that aims to raise the level of urological care in Europe by supporting the field’s experts. It represents European urologists and urology nurses, encourages the adoption of high standards of urological care, and facilitates the widespread publication of the speciality’s research. The EAU has close ties to other national and international urological associations, fostering a global community of urologists.

Executive Committee

The Association is led by an elected executive committee, currently under Secretary General Prof. Per-Anders Abrahamsson (Sweden). The committee is supported by a board, various advisory bodies and offices, as well as a central office, based in Arnhem, the Netherlands.


The EAU can trace its roots back to the early 1970s, when it was established as a society to unite and support European urologists. For the last two decades, the EAU has grown considerably to some 13,000 members, leading to annual congresses and memberships from all around the world. 


Aside from the Annual EAU Congress, a plethora of regional, and also sectional meetings occur throughout the year. These allow for a more local take on urological developments, while also involving contributions from beyond Europe.

The Annual EAU Congress

Regularly taking place since the 1970s, the EAU’s Annual Congress is one of the largest medical events in Europe. It brings together over 10,000 delegates from 80 countries for five days of informative discussion, education and presentation. Parallel to the regular congress, the EAU Nurses have their own programme. Highlighting the international nature of the EAU, the congress begins with a day devoted to “Urology beyond Europe”. This collection of joint sessions involves the EAU and all of its sister urological associations the world over. 

Scientific Programme

The abstract sessions, which make up the bulk of the congress’s scientific programme, give delegates a chance to be updated on and participate in discussion on the results of recent research. Other significant meetings are held by the 12 EAU Sections: these meetings feature super-specialists with in-depth presentations on their specific subjects. A popular sectional meeting is the ESUT live surgery, which is broadcast from nearby hospitals to the congress centre. 

Half-day plenary sessions also take place, generally followed by a choice of sub-plenary meetings. These allow delegates to attend a general set of lectures, followed by a choice of specialisation, all concerning the same topic.

ESU Courses

The European School of Urology provides an extensive series of courses throughout the congress. These allow delegates to learn new clinical approaches, as well as get hands-on training with new technologies. Urologists are accredited for their participation.

Technology Exhibition

The medical, biotech and pharmaceutical industries are also represented at each annual congress, through the extensive technological exhibition. Here, visitors can get acquainted with cutting edge technological developments, and the most recent publications.

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