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Info Center Press

Full bodies of the abstracts will be online as of 11 April 2014. Members of the press that would like to see the full bodies can have access with an embargo policy till 11 April 2014. Please send an email to to get your access codes.

Congress App
The congress app available will be at the end of 2013 in the apple and android store and will give you full insight into the scientific programme and abstracts.

Congress Bag
Registered members of the press will obtain a congress bag in the EAU Press Centre.  And can choose to receive an EAU Abstract CD and ESU Courses CD.

Congress Information
For all other congress information please click here.

EAU Press Conference
The EAU will hold a press conference during the 29th Annual EAU Congress. The detailed programme will be available early 2014. Press can register in advance to benefit from pre information or can join onsite. For pre registration on the press conference please sent an email to .

EAU Resource Center
Video content, slides and other recordings of the scientific sessions are made available through the EAU Resource Center. Access to the Resource Center is included in the registration fee for delegates, press access is available on request to .

Filming & Photography
Registered press representatives may attend the exhibition and all scientific sessions, with the exception of ESU courses.

Photography, filming and interviews at any location within the congress venue (with the exception of the EAU Press Centre and EAU Press Conference room) are prohibited without written permission from the EAU. To request permission, please sent an email to, stating your name/company name, the reason for filming and what you would like to film and when. The Press Coordinator will do her best to accommodate those making requests in advance of the meeting and will send you an official approval permission which you need to show onsite.

We can help you organise an interview with one of the speakers or a member of the EAU organisation. Due to busy schedules, requests should be done at lastest a month before the congress, i.e. before 11 March 2014. Please give us the following information:
- Your Name/ Agency/Who is it for?
- Who would you like to interview?
- Requested date, time and durantions. Please give more options.

Please sent an email to . On site requests can be done to the EAU Press Coordinator or in the Press Centre.

Interview room
An interview room will be available for press. Please contact the for more information and reservations.

Permissions & Restrictions
Registered press representatives may attend the exhibition and all scientific sessions, with the exception of ESU Courses. Registered Press will obtain free access to congress-related abstracts, posters and webcasts. Abstracts may be a consulted prior to the congress. However, the embargo policy should be strictly respected and failure to do so will result in losing any credentials to access future EAU Congresses and Meetings.    
It is not allowed that abstract, poster or webcast material is used for commercial re-publication.

Requests for re-publication of abstract materials can be directed to: 
Requests for re-publication of poster and webcast materials can be directed to: 

Press Releases
The EAU will regularly publish Press Releases online or hands them out in the EAU Press Centre. Other news can be found under News at the congress website or via the EAU News mailing. Please subscribe here.

Press Mailing List
Stay up to date, and suscribe to the EAU Press Mailing List for receiving EAU Press Releases and other relevant information. Please subscribe here

Press Centre: Opening Hours
The Press Centre gives you the possibility to work. Computers, WIFI and Internet connections are available.  The Press Centre can be found at the first floor. Access is free and only for press registrations.

The Press Centre opening hours are            



11 April  08.00 – 18.00       
12 April  08.00 – 18.00      
13 April  08.00 – 18.00      
14 April  08.00 – 18.00      
15 April  08.00 – 12.00

Press Conference Room
The press conference room can be found at level N2.

Press Events
Several Press Events will be organized during the 29th Annual EAU Congress. The overview will be available soon. Please contact the organising companies for more information.

Journalists and medical writers wishing to participate in the 29th Annual EAU Congress can apply for a free registration. Online registration is open until 17 March 2014. You can also register onsite.

Who is eligible?
Journalists and medical writers eligible for press registration must be employed/tasked by one of the following:


  • General newspapers, magazines or wire services
  • Healthcare and general science newspapers and magazines
  • Broadcast media
  • Independent medical and general science websites

Communication organisations whose main objective is to promote their own products or services (i.e. marketing, advertising, financial analysis, or public relations firms) may not register as media.
To register, all media operators must send in a copy of their credentials (press card dated 2013-2014 or/and the assignment letter) to registration site. Journalists are entitled to a press pack, which includes all relevant congress documents as well as additional information for the press.

All members of the press are invited to report to the EAU Press Centre to collect their press pack and to obtain any assistance they require. Internet access, a fax machine, printer and photocopier are provided.

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