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Info Centre

Access to the Session Rooms
Seating is regulated on a first-come, first-served basis. We recommend you go to the session room well in advance of the session. Due to safety regulations, the organisers will close the access to the session if all seats are taken. It is not allowed for delegates to stand in the aisles of the session rooms.

Address and Accessibility of the Congress Centre
is easily accessible by public transport (only 10 min. by train from the Central Station in the city centre). The public transport system is easy to use and a very efficient way to get around the city. All congress delegates may collect a complimentary transportation pass in the registration area. This pass is valid on all public transport within the city of Stockholm during the congress.


Mässvägen 1;

Badge Tracking System
Congress delegates have a barcode on their badge which enables them to leave their contact details with exhibitors in a quick and easy way. The barcode will also be scanned at the entrance of the session rooms to gather CME and statistical information.

Bank, Exchange and Credit Cards
The national currency in Sweden is the Swedish Krona (SEK). Two ATM machines are available at the ; one in the Main entrance hall and one in the East entrance hall. Banks are normally open Monday to Friday from 09.30-15.00 hrs. and are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. ATMs are widely available. Exchange offices at airports are normally open from 07.00-18.00; in the railway station from 07.00 - 21.00 hrs. All major credit cards are widely accepted in Sweden and ATMs accept most international cards. Please be aware that smaller businesses may not accept credit card payments and you are advised to check prior to purchase. Service is included in the bill in bars and restaurants, but tips are welcome. Travellers cheques are best exchanged at an exchange office (“Växlingskontor” or “Exchange”) as they are not accepted as payment in shops, restaurants and hotels. Banks also often decline to change travellers cheques.

Business Centre
A small Business Centre is located on the balcony level of the venue which is accessible from the main entrance hall. This service will be available to all congress participants during the congress and offers facilities such as computers, printers, copiers and internet.

Certificate of Attendance
A Certificate of Attendance for the Stockholm Congress can be printed on this website as of 16 April 2014. You will need your registration number (under barcode on the badge) to print the Certificate of Attendance.

Cloakroom / Luggage
The cloakroom is located in the main entrance hall and is open during congress hours. Please be sure to collect all personal belongings at the end of the day.

CME Accreditation
A list of CME accreditation points granted by various national urological societies and the European Board of Urology will be available in the programme book and on this website.

Congress Bag
Each delegate can collect a congress bag in the registration area.

The electricity in Sweden runs on 230 volts and the frequency is 50 Hz. Plugs have two round pins. A plug adaptor will be required if incompatible electronic devices are used.

Emergency Phone Numbers
In case of emergency call 112 for police, fire brigade and ambulance service. In case of an emergency in the congress venue contact a security guard immediately.

First Aid
There is a medical unit present for first aid in the main entrance hall. In case of an emergency in the congress centre contact a security guard immediately.

The organisers do not accept responsibility for any personal damage. Participants are strongly recommended to arrange their own personal insurance.

All presentations during the EAU Congress will be conducted in English, the official language of the EAU. There will be no translation provided.

Lost and Found
Found items should be returned to the Information Desk in the main entrance hall. If you lose something, please report to this desk for assistance.

Media Policy
Photography, filming and interviews at any location within the congress venue (with the exception of the EAU Press Centre and EAU Press Conference Room) are prohibited without written permission from the EAU Press Coordinator;  Ms. Ivanka Moerkerken. The EAU Press Coordinator will do her best to accommodate those making requests in advance of the meeting.

Mobile Phones
Mobile phones must be switched off during all sessions.

All bags may be subject to inspection. Security is present for your safety. Please take all personal effects with you when leaving a session room.

Smoking Policy
Smoking is prohibited inside the congress centre and in the exhibition area. Smoking is only allowed in front of the main entrance of the congress centre.

Upcoming Meetings
Posters and other information on upcoming meetings can be displayed in the “Upcoming Meetings” promotion area. It is strictly forbidden to put up promotional material at any other location in the congress centre.

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