The 29th Annual EAU Congress is a dynamic, multi-faceted event. While it provides a perfect platform for science and education – it is also an opportunity to record history, celebrate outstanding achievements and look for ways to contribute to the future by being proactive in sustainable event-organisation.

EAU Goes Green

After the initial launch of green initiatives in 2009, when the EAU drastically reduced its printed announcements and shifted to more on-line publications, this year’s congress initiated follow-up activities such as the use of environment-friendly materials in promotional pencils, pens and paper. Additionally, the programme book and abstracts will be mostly distributed in a digital format.

Not only speed and logistical convenience are built-in benefits in these schemes, but they greatly reduce costs and the dependency on products and materials that degrade the environment.

Following the successful pilot of 2011, the EAU Congress will set up its own Award Gallery. Here, you can find a complete overview of all the urological awards that were handed out this year. It will also feature information on past winners of European urology’s most prestigious prizes.

The Awards Gallery provides a great opportunity to take in all the important developments and breakthroughs in recent years.