European training programme in Basic Laparoscopic Urological Skills

For the third year, the ESU is offering the standardised and validated practical examination of the European training programme in Basic Laparoscopic Urological Skills (E-BLUS) during the EAU Annual Congress.

In this exam your psychomotor skills such as depth perception and bimanual dexterity will be tested and your mastery of basic laparoscopy skills such as instrument handling, pattern cutting and intracorporal suturing will be assessed by experienced laparoscopist-examiners.
The exam is aimed at candidates with intermediate and advanced laparoscopy experience who have sufficiently trained to meet the exercises time and quality criteria.

The E-BLUS training programme, including instructional videos of the exercises can be found at Before attending the practical exam, the theoretical module should be successfully completed (associated test must be passed). Moreover, it is strongly advised to practice the exercises until you can meet the time and quality criteria repeatedly and with confidence.

Passing the E-BLUS exam will be rewarded with a certificate that serves as a recommendation to continue your laparoscopy training by assisting laparoscopic procedures in the OR.

If you are interested in taking the E-BLUS exam during the 29th Annual EAU Congress in Stockholm, please send an e-mail to: